More flexibility and performance with Big Data

‘Think big’ is the motto of our Business Intelligence Services. This is because a systematic, technically advanced solution for the collection and processing of data can lead to quantum leaps in the development of companies, especially for Cloudification projects, quality assurance measures and the adaptation of service and product ranges.

In the age of standardization and automation, economic success is based more than ever before on a broad, solid database. Although many companies generate data continuously, they lack the systematic approach to collecting data, as well as the tools to evaluate the collected material and use it in an optimal way to achieve their business goals. On the one hand, this is a question of intelligent IT—on the other hand, it is a question of organization. This is exactly where the consultants of Trans4mation come in.

With our Business Intelligence service, we support you in collecting, consolidating and using relevant data for products and services. This is often done in connection with Cloudification projects, since the logic and potential of highly standardized computing operations can only be tapped through the concrete example of one's own operation.

Within the framework of consultations, we determine which data must be available for which applications, which tools are necessary for their processing and which recommendations for action can be derived from the data. This is achieved by means of KPI indication, development of data mining strategies, data warehouse creation and automation of reporting.