Managed Print Services—easy with edo

As a modular software solution, edo enables flexible applications, processes and services for the use, control and administration of printers and multifunctional devices (MFPs). edo unifies the operation of MFPs company-wide and simplifies the daily workflows, for example by outputting documents independent of time and location. Printing systems no longer have to be located directly at the workplace.

edo fleetbox

Managing printer fleets efficiently

With edo fleetbox you can easily manage and monitor all paper output devices. After setup, the solution automatically records and inventories your entire printer infrastructure—and provides reliable information on material consumption, costs and maintenance requirements. In the detailed notification options, you can individually determine who should receive which information and in which way.

Managed Device

Workplace as a Service. Individual. Flexible. Safe.

Be flexible, mobile, innovative and one step ahead. Design your IT and workplace infrastructure in a modern way with the most powerful hardware and software on the market. With Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, Managed Device offers flexible workstations for SME in the mobile-first, cloud-first era. Keep up with the ever-changing challenges of the digital age-and free yourself from IT constraints.


Collecting, processing and administering data

UNIDATO is a universally deployable application for the collection, processing and administration of data—ideally suited as a platform for conducting studies, surveys and case documentation. Desired input surfaces, database structures and codebooks can be generated with little effort. UNIDATO also has input support and user-friendly help functions.


Efficient recording of vehicle deformation characteristics

DefDesc is a technology for the mobile detection of vehicle deformation damage in road accidents. With the software, space-related data of vehicle deformations can be digitally recorded directly at the accident site and displayed as a 3-D model—a major advance compared to hand-drawn sketches that are not suitable for automated evaluation. DefDesc simplifies and accelerates the recording of accidents—while reducing costs.


Manage passwords in a Cloud-based way

As long as people will use passwords, people will forget passwords. Thus, Trans4mation has developed PassOn, a tool that simplifies the resetting of passwords and reduces dependency on the service desk. Employees can change the password for their company access at any place and at any time: secure, fast and automated. This makes PassOn the most innovative Cloud-based password management solution.

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