Your IT partner times four: overview of our fields of activity

IT Infrastructure & Service

When you build a house, you don't begin with the roof but with a good, solid foundation. In the digital age, the foundation for enterprises of all industries is IT infrastructure. We create the conditions for a smooth-running enterprise: with custom-made, scalable solutions and adjoining services.

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IT Management

Management is the art of using and administrating resources intelligently and efficiently. Good management requires strategic vision as much as focusing on details. Versatility is just as important as specialized knowledge. Management is the strength of the Trans4mation Group, whether it is managing software, devices, technical personnel or IT-large-scale projects.

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IT Development

Who strives for innovation must be ready to venture into uncharted area: To 'boldly go where none has gone before'. At least, not on the same path. With Trans4mation, you find the developing competence and the discovering spirit, which are indispensable for ambitious IT projects. The skill of our teams supplements know-how to organizational questions and management.

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Consulting & Audits

The more at stake, the more the need for genuine authorities: IT experts, whose knowledge, technical understanding and first-class leadership skills one can trust. With Trans4mation, you find the advisers who really make your enterprise progress: from IT consulting to technical and strategic questions, as well as safety-relevant audits.

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