Portals & Collaboration

One of the strengths of SharePoint is its extensive functionality. In principle, everything is possible. The problem is that 'everything' isn't very useful to you. That's because you reach your business goals only with a SharePoint installation which accurately fits your requirements:
It must specifically display your workflow and enable a comfortable co-operation. This is exactly how SharePoint developers work–just like with Add-ons and interfaces.

Project & Program Management

Software development nowadays is, to a considerable degree, project working. In addition, project working involves a variety of experts located at different places–very often over borders, even continents. A careful, decisive and genuine guidance of the real and virtual teams involved in the project is all the more important. With Trans4mation, you find the necessary personalities for authentic leadership: experts with fine-tuned social competence as well as excellent technical and methodical knowledge.

Creative Services

No matter how innovative or groundbreaking a solution may be–if the design of the user interface is not convincing, the user experience is incomprehensible or the solution as a whole offers a poor user experience, it will not be successful.
We, at withTrans4mation, think of form and content together. Our in-house creative agency offers comprehensive services including UX design, web design and SEO optimization.

Projects in IT Development