Reduce costs, optimize processes

At Trans4mation, our experts open up the full potential of the transition to Cloud-based processes and applications for your company. We accompany you on your ‘way into the Cloud’ with expert advice on all aspects: from checking the prerequisites to the selection of a Cloud server, platform and strategy to implementation, setup and operation.

Long-term decisions such as the acquisition of new hardware have come at the latest at the time when it is necessary to consider switching to the cloud or establishing hybrid infrastructures. The trend towards Cloudification has long since ceased to be a trend among many, but is now the central topic of the future for almost all industries. The dynamics of the development towards virtual structures has become so strong that for many companies it is no less than their competitiveness that is at stake.

Our specialists develop and implement Cloud solutions that provide a significant increase in efficiency and flexibility—without neglecting security standards. In this way, we show you how to use Cloud approaches to separate business processes into workflows, that are critical and non-critical to data protection, and how computing capacities can be increased and reduced within a very short time. We advise you on the possibilities of Cloudification of your applications, the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and all-in strategies. The service also includes installation and operation of the corresponding solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Direct Cloud Solution Provider, we have excellent expertise on one of the fastest growing Cloud platforms.