Hardware all inclusive

Whether server, client, network architecture or printer fleet: The IT Services team is dedicated to all aspects of your local infrastructure, including the implementation of virtualization technologies. Based on the requirements determined during consulting, we equip you with IT technology and take care of setup and maintenance tasks, in addition to procurement.

Under ‘On-Premise Architecture & Services’, Trans4mation bundles the services for all components of the IT infrastructure operated at the customer's premises. Our services range from hardware (e.g. servers and clients) to firmware and network architecture to the printer fleet. In addition to procurement, installation and setup, it also includes documentation, maintenance and expansion. Our services also involve the provision of operating systems and standard installation of applications and their operation, as well as individualization tasks in these areas.

Another focus of our activities is virtualization–an undertaking that allows you to combine or split resources. Virtualization technology brings important benefits to your business: higher availability and reliability of your systems, lower security risk, greater flexibility and simplified maintenance. In addition, better utilization of your hardware achieves significant cost reductions.

We support you in making your company as efficient as possible and cover all aspects of virtualization—with sound background knowledge and certified experts. Our solutions fall into the following categories:

  • Business continuity
  • Server virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  • Networking


Companies of all sizes use solutions and virtual machines based on an x86-architecture.
With our help, you reduce hardware and operating costs by up to 50 %, significantly reduce the time required for hardware procurement and thus save considerable annual costs. When it comes to virtualization, we are experienced in the following product lines:

  • VMware vSphere/View
  • Microsoft Hyper V/AppV/Terminal Services
  • Citrix XenServer/Desktop
  • VServer
  • DataCore/Open-E