Filling temporary positions quickly and appropriately

In the case of staffing for larger projects, hiring out employees is an interesting alternative to contracting—especially when filling temporary positions. In contrast to freelancers, the temporary workers employed at Trans4mation are bound by directives and, thanks to fair wages, are highly motivated. The Trans4mation Group is certified by the Federal Employment Agency as a provider of temporary employment services.

Are you looking for reliable specialist personnel to fill temporary positions? Trans4mation has the official license from the Federal Employment Agency, which is required for temporary employment—and the personnel resources for short-term staffing of your projects. Typical application scenarios for the professionals we provide are securing competent first-level support and coding work. In addition, you benefit from our excellent knowledge of the industry, a wealth of experience and the comprehensive expertise of an IT system house.

Three advantages speak in favor of temporary employment:

  • Legal certainty: Our certification guarantees the consistent implementation of all legal requirements. Neither you nor your temporary employees have to fear investigations into fictitious self-employment.
  • Wage transparency: We reward our employees in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement of the IGZ (Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies). This ensures additional motivation and a high working ethic.
  • Commitment: In comparison to freelancers, temporary agency workers are bound by instructions and identify more strongly with their projects.