Our Locations

With a total of seven branches in Germany and Switzerland, the Trans4mation Group ensures presence and customer proximity.

The Trans4mation sites are spread over metropolitan regions throughout Germany. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, the group is also represented in the Rhine-Main area (Solingen), in southern Germany (Munich, Stuttgart) and in Berlin. Our Swiss customers can find us in Buchs and Baar.

Our Locations

With a total of seven branches in Germany and Switzerland, the Trans4mation Group ensures presence and customer proximity.

Dresden (headquarters)

The headquarters of the Trans4mation Group is located in Dresden. This is where its success story began—and this is where it should continue. The baroque city has reinvented itself over the past two decades and is now one of the German capitals of the software and IT industry—with more than 10,000 employees and 400 companies. The dynamic development of the Trans4mation Group is an exemplary example of a lively, efficient and cosmopolitan technology location.


America has its Silicon Valley—Germany has the ‘Isar Valley’. A study carried out by the EU Commission in 2014 officially confirms what is unlikely to surprise anyone in the IT sector: Munich is the best IT location in Europe. Like many companies, Trans4mation values the economic power of the city and the region in general, the high density of innovation actors and the excellent research landscape. In our branch office in Munich, we serve our customers throughout Germany in the Business Services division and Information Technology.


Berlin is not only a central location for the Trans4mation Group because of its capital status. The metropolis on the river Spree is a center of the digital economy that provides impetus for the entire IT industry. Berlin stands for creativity and the spirit of innovation, a way of thinking that can neither be stopped by sectoral nor national borders. This spirit makes the city extremely attractive to the professionals we are looking for. In short: ‘Berlin is the place to be’—also for Trans4mation.

Baar (CH)

Switzerland offers excellent conditions for IT companies: The country's economy is one of the strongest and most competitive in the world. The number of innovative companies with an interest in new technologies is correspondingly high. Switzerland also scores points for its favorable location in the heart of Europe, excellent educational institutions and a high quality of life. From our locations in Buchs and Baar, we develop solutions for a constantly growing customer base.


Among the leading German IT locations, Stuttgart has been among the top five for years. Since the city is home to many large industrial companies—especially in the key industries of automotive and mechanical engineering—there is an enormous need for innovative IT solutions. The slogan ‘Where IT meets industry’ could hardly be better chosen. The region can also score points in terms of quality of life: with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, wine-growing landscapes and a rich cultural offering.


Named one of the most attractive business locations in Europe by the Financial Times, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is known east of the Rhine in particular for its picturesque old town and west of the Rhine for its modern business and commercial district. With its location in the fashion and art metropolis in the west, the Trans4mation Group is providing impetus for the further technological development of the economic region.
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