Validation and maturity testing for your application

Even the best development department needs correctives every now and then—a professional view from the outside, which extensively tests development results and prevents operational blindness. Within the scope of software validation, we check performance and security aspects. Benefit from the wealth of experience of an IT system house with strong development expertise.

You have developed a software and you want to know if it can withstand the predicted traffic? You need reliable key figures to understand the number of users you need to have before increasing your computing capacity? Or would you like to use practical test scenarios to find out whether the response times of your application meet your expectations?

Trans4mation offers reliable answers to these and many other questions—long before the development work is completed. On request, we will accompany you continuously through a performance measurement and analysis, so that you can detect and correct weak points at an early stage. This saves you high costs for post-processing during operation, and prevents productivity losses. Quality assurance cannot be more efficient.

We use a range of standardized processes for software validation. They differ in terms of methodology, but are structured identically. After selecting a suitable test procedure, the test cases are declined and we check whether the software test requires automated or manual handling. After test execution, we send you a test report. It serves as a working basis for your in-house IT department or for the elaboration of rework demands on your development service provider.