Individual service packages for operation, maintenance and support

Our Managed Services include all accompanying services that ensure a high-performance routine operation of your SharePoint environment: With the outsourcing of operation, customized support and professional remote problem management. By transferring maintenance and care tasks to Trans4mation, you ensure greater cost efficiency, 100 % availability and planning reliability.

With our SharePoint Managed Services, we offer you clearly defined service packages around the SharePoint solution, from outsourcing of operations management (SharePoint Operations Service) to maintenance, update service and support, workshops and training. Thanks to the modular concept of all services, we are able to put together a service package for each customer according to the modular principle and precisely tailored to their respective requirements.

Trans4mation's Managed SharePoint Services save you the costly and support-intensive maintenance of your own IT technology and the corresponding specialized staff. As holistically thinking company, our claim extends far beyond day-to-day business: We continuously derive recommendations for your process optimization from all the services transferred to us. We operate throughout Germany and have a presence in your area with one of our branches.

An excerpt from our SharePoint Managed Services catalog:

  • SharePoint Operations Service: Trans4mationn takes over the complete operation management for your SharePoint installation as part of an outsourcing.
  • Support: We offer you three support packages with different availability schedules (10/5 hotline with support, 24/5 hotline with emergency support, 24/7 hotline with emergency support).
  • Administration: Remote administration includes maintaining and securing the operation of the SharePoint environment and all integrated solutions.
  • Monitoring: We continuously monitor operating system and SharePoint log files for compliance with defined KPIs. In the event of errors or violations of performance parameters, we proactively propose measures to remedy them.
  • Incident management: Aided by technical and organizational measures, we make your productive environment available again, as quickly as possible.
  • Problem management: Experienced consultants investigate the causes of technical and organizational deficits in the SharePoint environment.
  • Change management: We ensure that the implementation of changes does not have a negative impact on the stability and quality of day-to-day operations.