The Trans4mation Group's commitment ranges from educational projects to sports sponsoring and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Whether it's sponsorship, social commitment, sports sponsoring or offers for pupils: we are happy to give something back to the city in which we feel so good. This commitment is not a burdensome duty for the Trans4mation Group, but an obligation, which we fulfill with real enthusiasm.

Our commitment

The Trans4mation Group's commitment ranges from educational projects to sports sponsoring and the Wikimedia Foundation.

DAVE festival

»DAVE is there to connect and develop« – as an IT company, we support this maxim and the Dresden Audio Visual Experience Festival in order to promote the local club and subculture as well as the identity development of young people in Dresden.

DAVE takes place annually and is organized by volunteers. It is about club culture and electronic music, light experiences and urban life, sound research and creation, celebrating together and to promote young talents via workshops and discussion forums.

In focus: Dresden as center of extraordinary club experiences and offering a platform to emerging artist. Gathering international artists DAVE provides events in usual and – in the matter of dancing – unusual places.

Membership in the Wikimedia Foundation

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia, founded in 2001 just like Trans4mation, is one of the most successful web projects in the world. It has fundamentally changed the way we research information—and provides an impressive example of the potential of global collaboration between experts in the production of knowledge. In addition, Wikipedia exemplifies fundamental values such as the right to a free and open Internet. To ensure that Wikipedia can continue to offer its services freely and independently, Trans4mation joins the ranks of supporters and sponsors and supports the Wikimedia Foundation as a member.

Juniordoktor (Junior Doctorate)

The commitment of the Trans4mation Group for children and young people also enriches the municipal school program Juniordoktor. It invites pupils from third to 12th grade to discover the cultural and research institutions and companies in their city. More than 100 events per year arouse curiosity and a spirit of discovery. In 2015, the Trans4mation Group has expanded its commitment to date: The company is no longer just a sponsor but a partner station. Supported by a broad wave of support from the staff, the children were offered three activities that focus on working with the computer. In view of the enthusiastic reactions, it cannot be ruled out that we will see one or the other small participants in a few years' time—when he or she starts working at Trans4mation. In any case, the children will keep a good souvenir of their time with us.

Dresden Sport Club (DSC)

With outstanding performances, the volleyball team of the DSC proves that Dresden has a lot to offer beyond football. For almost 20 years, the DSC has been one of the dominant teams in the first Bundesliga and has been able to celebrate numerous championship titles and cup victories during this time. Over the past few years, the team has also achieved a high international reputation: by participating in the Champions League and winning the European Cup 2010, their fighting spirit and unconditional will to succeed have left an impression. This is why the Trans4mation Group supports DSC as part of its commitment as a sponsor. At the same time, the DSC supports the company: by making it clear with every game that good is not good enough. A better motivation is hardly conceivable!