Competent advice on Software & Device Management

Whether migration project, client design or delivery management, our experienced consultants not only have the technical know-how, but also the ability to facilitate and communicate changes within the scope of service transitions. Our interdisciplinary perspective opens up new perspectives for your IT infrastructure—and new options for action.

Trans4mation's consultants for software and device management cover an extremely broad spectrum of services classified into five modules:

During individually designed training courses and workshops, we instruct your employees in operating system migration or software packaging, train them in the use of modern Client Management Systems or educate them in the procedures of software lifecycle management.

Another focal point is process consultation around IT Service Management. We offer support in the analysis and design of operational processes in phases of service transition or service operation, point out the effects of migration processes on operations and accompany measures within the framework of continuous service improvement.

The expertise of our consultants is also in demand when it comes to client design and architecture. They analyze your current Microsoft Windows client operating system landscape or work with you to design your future client, taking into account relevant factors such as software packages, update processes, group policies, virus scanners, appliances and security.

Overview of further consulting services:

  • Infrastructure: auditing / requirements management / conception and preparation of the integration of IT infrastructures for the implementation and migration of software management systems / support & consulting for the integration of software management systems
  • Delivery Management: support for communication with service providers in the software management environment / coordination of packaging guidelines and documentation / monitoring of process indicators and KPIs