Defined packaging routines on-site and remote

With our Custom-made Packages and packaging support, we assist you in the automated installation and updating of your software. Depending on your requirements, it can be done either selectively or all-inclusive. Packaging can be carried out both on-site at your company, as well as remotely. For software packaging, we use tools such as Flexera Admin Studio, Microsoft Orca and Power Shell.

The Custom-made Packages of Trans4mation provide you with all the components of classic software packaging. We offer you the fully automated installation of a software product with individual configuration. As we package independently of the software management system within the scope of this service, principally any system is possible.

We perform following steps as part of the service:

  • Incoming check: validation of submitted sources and documents
  • Package creation: packaging of the software product in compliance with the agreed style guide / packaging guidelines and, if necessary, other specifications / package documentation in German or English
  • Internal quality assurance: installation of the package on a virtualized test client (test environment is oriented to the target environment) / execution of coordinated technical and professional tests / uninstalling and recording of the information in a test protocol
  • Provision of packages: handover of completed packages and accompanying documentation to the customer for acceptance (UAT)


Packaging at the contractor's premises essentially takes places using the following tools in the latest stable versions:

  • Flexera AdminStudio
  • Microsoft Orca
  • PowerShell, VBScript
  • Microsoft Tools (MDOP, WAIK, MDT, etc.)


In addition to our service Custom-made Packages, our consultants support your IT—both on- and off-site—with packaging support for the creation of complex packages or with error correction of inventory packages. You could also intercept peaks with your own IT without having to outsource packaging, and at the same time build up know-how.