Professional and efficient accounting for freelancers

Billing freelancers requires experience and ties up capacities you had better use for your core business. As a service provider for third-party management, we relieve you of time-consuming tasks such as contract drafting and invoice verification. No matter how many freelancers you employ, you handle all billing and invoicing processes with just one supplier.

Finding suitable freelancers is a time-consuming process. Even more complex, however, is the professional management of all legal and accounting issues associated with contracting, unless you have a partner such as Trans4mation at your side, who bundles all these tasks in a service package and handles them externally against a fairly calculated handling fee.

We take over contract drafting for you, check time sheets and summarize the work for all freelance project members in a collective invoice. With Trans4mation as a service provider for your third-party management, the effort for billing and invoicing is reduced to a minimum: Instead of having to create every freelancer as a new supplier in the system, your purchasing department works with a single reliable partner. Your advantages: lean processes, low overhead and relief for your back office.

Third-party management is also an option if you want to stop working with a personnel service provider but still want to continue working with the recruited freelancers. In this case, we seamlessly take over the billing and coordination of these specialists.