Concepts for unique user experiences

Whether it's about the conception of a website or the optimization of a shop system: We know what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results in terms of retention time, conversion rate and other relevant parameters. Through online surveys, user tracking, mouse tracking and other methods, we gain valuable insights into the mindset of your users—and create the basis for user-centered designs.

Positive experiences while using web applications are today considered the key to successful marketing and an above-average reputation in the online sector. Thus, Trans4mation relies on methods for the conception of websites, shops and portals that make it much easier and faster to achieve business goals on the web. These are, for example, empirically based user experience design with the positive modelling of typical customer journeys and use cases.

Thanks to our services in the field of user experience research, you gain profitable insights into your target group—and draw the right conclusions from them. With UX consulting and UX research, we create the foundation for a focused creative process. This also includes data we gain by questioning and observing the target group. Our solution ScopeUX can be easily integrated into your source code.  As a tool for online surveys and tracking instrument, ScopeUX provides both information about the user and his behavior on your website.

The resulting data sets form the basis for the actual user experience design. In order to get a realistic idea of your users, we develop fictional personas: typical representatives of the most important target groups with their preferences, demands and no-gos. We also rely on storyboards, user stories and realistic usability tests in a simulated test environment. The result is convincing digital products that inspire their users.

Our UX services at a glance:

  • Target group analysis
  • Online surveys
  • User tracking
  • Usability testing
  • Data analysis
  • UX-/ usability report
  • UX consulting
  • Prototyping