Efficient, scalable and platform-independent

Web applications have a decisive advantage over desktop applications: Since they run in the browser, they are
100 % platform-independent. In addition, applications in the age of Cloud software can hardly be operated more efficiently. Trans4mation realizes all kinds of web projects for you: Whether website, online shop, portal or SaaS solution, TYPO3 or WordPress—we develop custom-fit solutions.

Nowadays, the Cloud is the major IT topic. Since the outsourcing of data ‘into the Cloud’ is not only considered efficient but also secure, the trend towards web applications continues unabated. Today, much of what used to be stored as a fixed installation on the computers of each respective user runs in the browser, right up to CRM systems or SharePoint.

The consequences of this development go far beyond business management aspects—such as cost-savings possibilities due to the elimination of a separate server infrastructure. To put it in a nutshell, a large number of people think and work online today, which also means that a large number of people think in networks. Our aim is to develop web applications that take this paradigm shift into account.

In recent years, Trans4mation has developed countless innovative web projects for companies and institutions, including websites, Internet portals, Intranet solutions and booking systems. For the still growing e-commerce sector, we also offer up-to-date up to complete solutions with connection to a merchandise management or multishop system. Our services include conception, interface and UX design, programming, quality assurance and maintenance. In addition to the project, we design online marketing campaigns and SEO measures. It is understood all applications are optimized with regard to mobile devices - either by responsive design or special, parallel running applications.

Trans4mation relies primarily on the following frameworks and CMS systems:

  • TYPO3
  • Shopware
  • Magento
  • Laravel
  • Angular